Huliau Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy


Huliau: turning point, time of change

One to one intensive behavioral therapy with a Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst to assist individuals with autism to connect and communicate with the world around them

Hoʻomau Family Therapy


Hoʻomau: to persevere, continue, not give up

Individual, couples, and family therapy with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Supporting clients with compassion and empathy to persevere through life's many challenges

Alakaʻi Parent Training


Alakaʻi: the act of leadership by guiding or directing

Parent training with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to teach and empower parents to lead their children to behavioral change

Lōkahi School-Based Consultation


Lōkahi: unity, harmony, agreement

Collaboration with teachers, school staff, and families to develop behavior intervention plans and reinforcement systems that help each child to meet meaningful objectives in the classroom

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